The course will be available for 60 days and consists of 2.75 hours of delivery. It consists of both the Employers and employee's guidelines.

This course will generate a certificate upon successful completion. 

Cost of this course is $18

Who are The Haz Mat Guys?

Through podcasts, videos, in-person training, conferences, and e-courses, The Haz Mat Guys Productions, Inc. provide concise, easy to understand information for all aspects of Hazardous Materials response. Their unique approach to educating members of the hazardous materials community has made The Haz Mat Guys pioneers in their field. They’ve taught all across the United States and have a reputation for creating courses that exceed the Code of Federal Regulations 29 (OSHA) and Code of Federal Regulations 49 (DOT). Co-founders Michael Monaco and Robert Salvesen both sit on National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) committees and have experience in infectious disease training.

What is THMG e-U?

The Haz Mat Guys e-University (THMG e-U) offers a virtual learning environment that is both educational and engaging. Unlike other online learning management systems (LMS), instructors at THMG e-U go above and beyond to ensure content not only meets the criteria set forth by regulatory agencies, but that it’s also presented in unique ways that leave a lasting impression on the user.

Our e-Learning Approach

All courses put forth by THMG e-U are created using a SCORM approach. SCORM stands for Sharable Content Reference Model and is an e-learning approach that ensures all users meet specific requirements as they move through courses. Each individual user understands their progress and is evaluated in real-time. This method ensures that all users attend and pass the required courses. A certificate of completion is generated upon successful completion and records and history of attendance are preserved.

Please note that THMG e-U prides itself on creating content that meets the unique requirement of each organization that it services. We have the ability to add/remove material in a very short time frame as situations change, as well as make custom courses to help address any local policy changes. We can also tailor courses to different user groups such as administrators, students, employees, etc. 

COVID - 19 Proposal

To address the CDC guidelines for COVID-19, as well as meet the unique needs of your school district, the current courses created by THMG e-U will accomplish the following for each user. Please note that two versions of the course are available, one for administrators and one for employees and faculty.

  • Provide guidance on how to create and properly display visual reminders about proper hygiene in classrooms, restrooms, entrances and other key locations in the school in multiple languages and graphics.

  • Provide guidance on the reconfiguring of rooms including the removal of unnecessary furniture or community shared supplies to optimize space and reduce unnecessary contact in learning spaces. 

  • Provide  guidance for staff to use visual aids to mark floor spaces so physical distancing is easy to follow in classrooms.

  • Help with the development of guidance and procedures for eating breakfast and lunch in the classroom as well as recommended procedures for the adequate cleaning of table tops/desks following the meal.

  • Help users determine what equipment is shared in the school for instructional purposes and develop use and sanitizing protocols.

  • Provide guidance on developing protocols for daily health assessment of staff prior to entry into the school building.

  • Explore and identify recommended PPE that students/staff may be required to wear, including the importance of masks, how to properly put on and remove masks, and how to properly clean/disinfect the masks.

  • Provide guidance on the development of a cleaning protocol for areas used by a staff member or student confirmed to have COVID-19, including guidance on notifications to the local county health department and procedures to be followed before staff are permitted to reenter the school.

  • Provide guidance on the development of a document for staff on appropriate cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces (hard surfaces, soft surfaces, electronics, etc.)

  • Provide insight on the  procurement of approved and appropriate cleaning and disinfecting supplies

  • Provide guidance on cleaning protocols for cafeteria meal preparation and serving areas, point-of-sale transactions and cleaning of dishes/utensils.

  • Provide guidance for the frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces and recommendations minimizing clutter to facilitate cleaning

  • Provide guidance on how to review and update sanitization routines between buses. 

  • Identify training materials on identifying, recognizing and responding to trauma in both students and staff.

  • Provide strategies that can be used to make students more comfortable in this new environment.

  • Train food service workers on appropriate cleaning

  • Train Staff on COVID-19 symptoms and transmission.