Efficiency= Speed x Accuracy.
All speed and zero accuracy makes Johnny Responder sloppy.
All accuracy and zero speed makes Johnny Responder too slow.
This program’s goal is to provide you with techniques to maximize efficiency in preparing your Decon, Suit-Up and Equipment areas for quick and correct deployment. We will emphasize ways to make your set-up routine practical and easily repeated, so that, when practiced, increases in efficiency are noticeable with each new attempt.
What if you could safely go from team arrival to ready-for–work in about 10 minutes (without running)? Our fastest time caught on camera is just under 6 minutes. What will your time be?

Provided by industry expert Ben Herskowitz, this course incorporates his many years of experience with this topic.

Continuing Education credits will be awarded: 2-hours.

Cost: $35 USD (Upon purchase, the course is enabled for 60 days)